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Shaving an iPhone 7 down with power tools gives it a fresh look

An iPhone 7 owner customizes the smartphone's design with a close shave from a saw and a belt sander.

The recently released iPhone 7 looks a lot like its predecessor, which in turn looks a lot like the iPhone 5.

It's a practical design, but some Apple fans would like to see a more drastic change in the aesthetics. YouTube channel ParipateticPandas is one of those.

A video released on Friday shows an elaborate modification process involving dismantling the iPhone, shaving down the sides, sanding it and putting it all back together.

"I couldn't bear another iPhone with the same, slippery design...I just couldn't," ParipateticPandas writes. "It was time to take matters into my own hands."

It took some precise circular blade cuts and a belt sander to trim down the smartphone's edges.

The final redesign is subtle, but distinctive. The polishing leaves a pleasing swirling pattern behind and the phone casing ends up with a squared-off look that lends it more of an industrial feel. The buttons appear to protrude a little bit more than on an unmodified phone.

If the new look appeals to you, then you'll want to make sure you have the power-tool skills to pull off the feat before attempting it. Your iPhone's life hangs in the balance.

Smartphones and power tools don't always get along. YouTube creator TechRax recently stirred up a comment storm after jokingly suggesting that you can drill a headphone jack into your iPhone 7.

In case you're wondering: it doesn't work.

(Via Reddit)