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Shameless iPhone 6 and iWatch knockoffs on sale soon

China's GooPhone is back with an iPhone 6 clone and companion watch, available at least weeks before the real things are expected from Apple.

Should we pity the foo' who buys a Goo? Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET

The existence of the iPhone 6 may not be confirmed for another month or two, but that won't stop China's GooPhone from launching its shameless knockoff, the "i6," next week.

GooPhone's track record of cloning all the best-selling smartphones is only outdone by its ability to do it all without getting enforced upon by authorities in China or elsewhere for what seems to be intellectual property violations.

But let's leave that to the legal teams to sort out.

The GooPhone i6, set to go on sale August 1, is based off of the rumors that point to a 4.7-inch display and certainly has the same look as what we've seen so far in leaks. Underneath an exterior and skinned-up operating system designed to mimic the iPhone 6, however, is a quad-core MediaTek system running Android.

Never one to shy away from sketchy ambition, GooPhone plans to take the clone war a step further by introducing a companion smartwatch called the "C1" before Apple's anticipated iWatch. It's unclear what this watch will be capable of, beyond the claim on the company website that "C1 has a clock display, which can help to record sports and sleep patterns so as to manage your health efficiently."

If you're much more interested in form than function when it comes to smartphones, the GooPhone i6 will sell for about $160, while the C1 watch will run around $50.

Apparently GooPhone's iWatch clone will look something like this.