Sent mail from iPhone mail app lost

Sent mail from iPhone mail app lost

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Several users are reporting an issue where mail sent from the iPhone simply disappears into the void, never reaching its recipient, nor appearing in the "Sent Items" folder, and also never generating an error message indicating that anything has gone wrong.

A few sample reports from an Apple Discussion thread discussing the problem:

  • "Sometimes when I compose a new email on my iPhone and send, the message compose screen disappears... and you think its sending the email... but if there are any issues with connectivity, the newly composed email is lost... and never sent.
  • "I lose emails when sending sometimes as well. They aren't in the sent folder or drafts and do not arrive at their destination. Just lost in tech world somewhere. I use Yahoo.
  • "Sometimes I send an email and everything appears to be fine, no error message, and the email is lost to the netherworld. It isn't sent, and does not show up in the sent items folder.
  • "I send all my iPhone e-mail through cwmx.com (an open SMTP server on AT&T's cell network). When I'm on Wi-Fi I obviously cannot send through this server. When I am connected to Wi-Fi I sometimes forget to disconnect from Wi-Fi and get on EDGE before hitting Send. When this happens I press the Home button, go to Settings, turn off Wi-Fi, and return to Mail. Somehow the item I had sent gets lost in this whole process."

Some users have had success resolving this issue by upgrading to iPhone software/firmware 1.1.3. For others, however, the problem persists. If you are experiencing a similar issue, please let us know.