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Apple snapped up Hover Camera's selfie drone for an exclusive

Joining drone makers DJI, Parrot and GoPro, the foldable flying camera will be available as an exclusive bundle on and in Apple stores.

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The Hover Camera Passport is one of several selfie-centric drones released in the past year and, while it's garnered more attention than others, it's about to get a big boost in recognition thanks to Apple.

Zero Zero Robotics, the group behind the compact foldable flying camera, inked a deal with Apple to have the Passport available exclusively on and in Apple stores across the US, Canada, China, Hong Kong and the UK. Apple will sell a $500 bundle (approximately £400 or AU$670) that includes a Passport, two batteries, a charger and power adapter and a storage bag. Select stores will also have flying demonstrations -- inside the stores -- of the drone's facial recognition and gesture control features.

The company announced software updates for the Passport, too, that make it compatible with Apple video software like iMovie to simplify offloading your shots for editing and sharing. Also, its companion app used for controlling the copter and its camera is getting a new user interface better suited for first-time pilots along with an automated editing feature that uses machine learning to instantly create sharable clips from your photos and video.