Selfie Brush iPhone case: Fix your do before you pose

Feed your inner narcissist with the Selfie Brush, a combination of a hair brush, iPhone case, and mirror.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Selfie Brush
Who's the fairest in the land? The Wet Brush

Selfies are fraught with peril. What if your bangs are out of place? What if your lipstick is smudged? Who will save you from looking less than perfect? Never fear, the Selfie Brush is here to empower you to take selfies with confidence, knowing you look fabulous every single time.

As you might suspect from the name, the Selfie Brush is a paddle-style hair brush with a case for an iPhone 5 or 5S built into it. More than that, it also has a mirror that runs alongside the smartphone. The product's tag line reads, "Makes your cell phone easy to hold for the best selfies ever!"

The Selfie Brush also comes with a bevy of hints on how to take the perfect selfie. Tips include "Show off your luscious locks. Prep and add volume to your hair for the perfect pic with The Selfie Brush," and "Show off a soft and playful smile. Ditch the duck face and highlight your personality through a flattering expression." It also suggests using the mirror to experiment and find the best lighting and angles. At least we can all agree on ditching the duck face.

As a case, the Selfie Brush is surprisingly thoughtful, leaving openings to access buttons along the side and sporting a slot along the bottom to allow for charging without taking your phone out of the brush. Perhaps the down side to leaving your phone in the case is that everybody will wonder why you're talking into your hair brush.

The $19.99 abomination will find several likely types of buyers: teens, people who genuinely want the brush/case in order to spruce themselves up for selfies, and people who think it's hilarious and want to buy it as a gag gift.

As someone who routinely fails to participate in the selfie phenomenon, I see the Selfie Brush as a cry for help from the modern world. Or perhaps it's a barbaric yawp from the selfie generation. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

Selfie Brush in action
Wait a minute...I thought we all agreed on no duck face! The Wet Brush

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