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See an iPhone encased in Flubber get dropped from way up high

Flubber, a mysterious rubbery substance, undergoes a dramatic drop test while cuddling an iPhone. Will either survive?

We've seen some weird iPhone torture tests involving hot melted-crayon baths, liquid nitrogen and trains. YouTube channel GizmoSlip decided to torture an iPhone using Flubber. Flubber, named for a fictional rubbery substance from the classic 1961 film "The Absent-Minded Professor," is a material you can make at home using glue, water, borax and food coloring.

The guinea-pig iPhone gets thoroughly encased in the substance and then dropped from 100 feet (30 meters) up in the air.

The oddball experiment aims to find out if Flubber can protect the smartphone from the high-flying impact. Knowing how rubbery Flubber is, you might expect the green bundle to bounce when it reaches the ground. What actually happens is much more surprising.

A slow-motion look at the impact reveals that the Flubber does its best impression of a piece of glass and shatters into a gazillion tiny pieces. The brave Flubber sacrificed itself to save the iPhone. While the wreckage is impressive, the phone still works, though it suffered some minor damage. The absent-minded professor would be proud.