Security Details: iTunes 8, QuickTime 7.5.5, and iPhone OS 2.1

Security Details: iTunes 8, QuickTime 7.5.5, and iPhone OS 2.1

Ben Wilson
2 min read

Apple has become reticent in its release notes but is generally bit more forthcoming when it comes to Security Updates. If you're interested in learning more about security updates, visit this site, which lists all security-related updates, starting with the most recent.

The most recent entry covers iTunes 8, followed by an entry concerning QuickTime 7.5.5. Another note describes security fixes for iPhone OS 2.1, for which Apple is now apparently speifying platforms, labeling the currently available version "iPod touch v.2.1."

Among the iPhone OS fixes:

  • Includes a feature that enhances the security feature of the Operating Systems ability to prevent access of one Apps files by another App (this feature is probably the one that broke the third party developer cut n' paste).
  • Fixes to CoreGraphics regarding vulnerabilities in FreeType v2.3.5, prevention of DNS cache poisoning in mDNSResponder, fixes networking to prevent TCP spoofing or session hijacking, protection from maliciously crafted websites for Webkit used in the Mobile Safari browser.
  • Many of the fixes for the iPod Touch will most likely as we said appear on the iPhone. Many of these address some of the security issues you may have heard about already. However there are still many other issues that need to be resolved in regards to protecting the contents of your phone. Hopefully Apple will address these soon as we previously reported.

The iPhone OS 2.1 release for iPhones is due out Friday, September 12 and we imagine it will containg a superset of the fixes included in "iPod touch v2.1."