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Secrets of the Samsung Galaxy S5: MWC daily round-up

The fat lady hasn't sung yet. We've uncovered a ton of goodies at Mobile World Congress, including secrets of Samsung's Galaxy S5.

All the big announcements may have been made at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but there's still plenty happening there.

We've found the Samsung Galaxy S5's hidden superpowers, tried out a Chinese mobile that stays secure just by recognising your face, uncovered some new Samsung goodies, and found some of the craziest concepts of recent years. And it's all in our MWC daily round-up.

Think you've seen everything the Galaxy S5 can do? Think again. Samsung may have shown off the device's headline-grabbing skills, but there's much more to this mobile than a fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor. Our own Jessica Dolcourt has delved a little deeper to see what else it can do. Toolbox is a natty feature that gives you shortcuts to lots of functions, while Quick Connect makes it easier to share photos between devices. For the full skinny, check out the full report.

You might be wondering why Samsung didn't go for a whole new design with the S5. The answer? People don't need a bestselling device to have a radical overhaul every year. That's what Samsung reckons, anyway. Do you agree? Let me know in the commments.

Still with Samsung, the South Korean company has outed a new pair of headphones, the Samsung Sound OG900, and they look rather nice. Check them out here, and our hands-on impressions here.

That's enough Samsung, what about other mobiles? The first Ubuntu phones are due to go on sale in the autumn, Ubuntu's founder told us. The software will also "outperform" Microsoft, he says. That sounds like fighting talk to me.

Fingerprint scanning is all the rage at the moment, but what about facial recognition? One Chinese mobile lets you unlock it using 3D infrared facial recognition, which is quite a cool idea. Have a gander for yourself.

And finally, a trade show wouldn't be complete without some insane concepts. Luckily, Kyocera is on hand to show off some transparent smart phones, foldable tablets, and more. Bless it.

For everything Mobile World Congress, check out our dedicated site. What do you think of this year's show? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.