Snapchat plans two new Spectacles, report says

The webcam-powered sunglasses were hot for a minute, but will two new rumored versions have greater staying power?

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Snapchat's  Spectacles led to long lines at pop-up vending machines when the camera-enabled sunglasses launched in 2016. But after the initial hype, it looked like only about 150,000 pairs had sold (at $130 each), potentially leaving many times that languishing in warehouses. The company took a $40 million loss on the unsold specs.

Financial news network Cheddar is reporting that Snap, parent of social media app Snapchat , is working on two new models of Spectacles. 

According to the report, the first version would be a modest update to the original, with bug fixes and new colors, and could be coming this fall. A second new version, with dual cameras, GPS and other high-end features, would cost closer to $300 and arrive next year.

Snap responding to an inquiry by saying, "We aren't confirming or commenting on this report." 

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