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Seagate DAVE: Wireless portable drive for your mobile phone

Even though mobile phone memory is constantly increasing in size, better cameras and music players mean we need more storage space. Seagate might have the answer

Seagate has announced a new device called DAVE (pictured right, next to Razr V3). No, it isn't a robot built to duke it out in a Godzilla-like battle with Asimo at Honda's gates. DAVE stands for Digital Audio Video Experience and it's a pebble-sized portable hard drive.

Unlike other portable drives, however, DAVE is optimised for use with mobile phones and features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a USB port. It comes in 10GB and 20GB versions and you can use it to stream music, videos and other data to your mobile.

It can also interact with a variety of other devices, such as PDAs, laptops, PCs and cameras, making it perfect for transferring data from your phone to another device or vice versa.

It has a range of about 9m and means you can access much more data on the go than you can with a lower-capacity microSD or SD card. The battery will last for about 10 hours and up to 14 days on standby.

Seagate reckons we'll be able to get our hands on it some time later this year. We can't wait for it and we should hopefully find out more information on it at 3GSM, one of the largest mobile phone events in the world, which is in a couple of weeks' time. -AL