#Scooternado: Miami orders electric scooters off streets before Hurricane Dorian

It's more frightening than funny.

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Oscar Gonzalez

These scooters would go flying in hurricane winds. 

Stephen Shankland/CNET

Hurricane Dorian could make landfall in Florida late Monday or Tuesday. In preparation, the city of Miami has ordered electric scooters off the streets by noon local time Friday. This move is designed to prevent  scooters  from becoming high-speed projectiles when the winds start picking up. 

Miami officials held a briefing Wednesday to advise residents about Hurricane Dorian preparations, according to the Miami Herald. City Commissioner Ken Russell tweeted Thursday that companies must remove scooters from streets by mid-Friday before wind speeds increase Saturday. He reinforced his point with #scooternado.

There are six scooters companies working in Miami: Bird, Bolt, Lime, Lyft, Spin and Uber-owned Jump.

Lime has pulled its scooters and bicycles from Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale and reduced its fleet numbers in Tampa, the company said. Lyft said it will remove and secure all of it 244 scooters by noon Friday. Uber said that Jump scooters will be removed by noon Friday and that it will monitor other Florida cities where Jump is available. Spin said it will retrieve its scooters and won't deploy them during the severe weather. 

Bird and Bolt didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.