Save 70 percent on a pair of Zipbuds headphones

This Cheapskate exclusive lands you the Zipbuds Select for just $45 or Zipbuds Choice for $60.

Zipbuds Select Zipbuds

We can put a man on the moon and massive computing power in the palm of your hand, but we're still dealing with tangled headphone cords? Come on!

Fortunately, the Zipbuds folks have worked out some clever (and cool-looking) solutions to this global epidemic, mostly in the form of zipper-style cords that won't tangle. Intrigued? Then today is your lucky day.

For a limited time, you can get the Zipbuds Select headphones for $45 shipped or Zipbuds Choice headphones for $60 shipped. That's after applying coupon code cnetholidays at checkout. Regular prices? You won't believe me: $149.99 and $199.99.

Too good to be true? I was kind of scratching my head as well, but check the Amazon pages for both the Choice and Select: overwhelmingly positive reviews from people who apparently paid full list price. Meanwhile, I recently had the chance to test-drive the Select, and they're definitely a higher-end set of headphones: stylish, comfy, and sweet-sounding.

Of course, these are all about the gimmick, the zipper cord that not only prevents tangles but looks kind of cool dangling down your front. This may be the first headphone cord in history that doubles as a fashion accessory.

The primary difference between the Choice and Select? The former features an over-the-ear design, while the latter is an on-ear headphone. Both promise noise-isolation benefits, and I was pleasantly surprised that the Select did indeed block out much ambient sound.

This is far and away the lowest price I've seen on these headphones. The free-shipping option promises delivery within 3-5 business days, so you should be able to get these by Dec. 24. Mighty nice gift item, if you ask me.

Bonus deal: If you missed your chance at a OnePlus One phone the other day, good news: It's back. Yeah, I know, sometimes it feels like the company is that obnoxious friend who lurches the car forward every time you reach for the door. Or you're Charlie Brown to their Lucy, always getting the football yanked away at the last second. Anyway, the One is available today only as part of their one-year anniversary promotion -- so kick that football, cheeps!