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SanDisk Sansa Express, Connect and View

SanDisk has launched three new MP3 players called the Express, Connect and View. While they're not as exciting as the iPhone, they do have some interesting features

If news of the Apple iPhone hasn't got you jumping for joy because you can't stand Apple's polo-necked smugness or don't want to combine your MP3 player with your mobile phone, then you might be interested in some of SanDisk's announcements at CES.

Yesterday SanDisk unveiled three new MP3 players called the Sansa Express, Sansa Connect and Sansa View (pictured left to right, above). The Express is an entry-level USB stick MP3 player. It has 1GB of on-board memory, although you can expand this via a microSD slot, plus an OLED display, an FM radio and fast USB 2.0 connectivity. It isn't the most inspiring of MP3 players, but it'll only cost around £30, which isn't bad for what it does.

The Sansa Connect is rather more interesting, because it lets you listen to Internet radio stations wirelessly using the built in Wi-Fi adaptor. It also has an easy-to-use mechanical scroll wheel for quickly searching through tracks and a 56mm (2.2-inch) colour screen, 4GB of internal memory, a loudspeaker and a microSD slot so you can add even more storage.

Our only niggle with the Connect is that you can't send songs to other Connect users via Wi-Fi, probably due to DRM issues. You can, however, send recommendations to other Connect users over the Internet. They can then download the song legally via a subscription service. The player will retail in the UK for around £130.

Finally, SanDisk unveiled the Sansa View, its first portable media player. It features a large 102mm (4-inch) screen, 8GB of on-board memory, a removable battery and a slot for an SD card. The player supports WMV, MPEG4, AVI, DiVX 5.0, WMA, MP3 and JPEG formats, so you should be able to put all your favourite music, photos and videos on it.

The View feels very light and it's also small enough to put in your pocket. We like the fact that you can simply drag and drop content into it and recommend checking it out if you're looking for a way of viewing your digital content on the go. It will retail in the UK for about £160.

All these devices will be available in the UK later this year. -AL

Update: a SanDisk Sansa Express review is now on the site