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Samsung's secret S-series players

The S is for "secret" in Samsung's new S-series MP3 players. Few details have been released locally, but with the help of our global CNET chums we've sussed out the important specs.

Shh, it's the S2 (left) and S3 (right)

As part of its AV roadshow this week, Samsung announced two new MP3 players that will arrive in Australia mid-year. And that's it. Move along.

Yep, LG isn't the only tech company with a Secret: Samsung is being inscrutably coy on the details of the upcoming YP-S2 and YP-S3. The press release rounding up the new AV range made scant mention of the players, offering no specs to seize upon: "stylish design" and "excellent sound quality" are about as detailed as the vague description gets. When pestered with requests to throw us a bone, local Samsung reps offered a June/July release date but no price or technical details.

Determined to find out whether the Apple-style secrecy could point to two pants-wettingly awesome products, we've sussed out the following info by calling on the resources of CNET sites across the globe.

Jasmine France at confirms the 1GB, pebble-shaped YP-P2 comes in five shiny colours (black, white, red, green and purple), and handles MP3, WMA and OGG file formats.

Nate Lanxon of isn't too impressed with the "run-of-the-mill" YP-S3, labelling it "pretty much a Samsung T10/P2, only without the Bluetooth and touchscreens". According to Nate's sleuthing, the S3 features a 240 by 320-pixel display, support for MP3, OGG and WMA music formats, MPEG-4 video, FM radio, 30 hours of battery life, and flash games, and comes in 2, 4 and 8GB versions.

It's all sounding a bit yawn-worthy so far, but maybe Samsung is quietly plotting to shoehorn in extra features by the time the products hit Australia. Like a GPS. Or biometric fingerprint scanning. Or ... not.

We'll have a full review of these sly S-series players closer to their mid-year release date.