Samsung's IFA announcements leaked

Samsung's own Android app provides some clues as to what the company will unveil at the IFA consumer electronics show on September 1.

Bonnie Cha Former Editor
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Bonnie Cha

The IFA 2011 consumer electronics show in Berlin is just a few days away, but it looks like Samsung might have inadvertently revealed its announcements a bit early.

You see, Samsung is offering an Android app called Samsungmobile Unpacked that is designed to provide users with information about new product details, event schedules, press releases, and more. Sounds like a great resource for Samsung fans, right? Well, it appears it's a really great resource if you know where to look.

A This Is My Next tipster did some digging around in the app's APK and found product logos for the Samsung Galaxy Note, the Samsung Wave 3, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Additional details, such as specs and images, weren't found, but based on past products, one would expect the Galaxy Tab 7.7 to be a tablet with a 7.7-inch touch screen and the Wave 3 to be the next-gen version of the Bada OS-based Wave smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note is anyone's guess though.

Samsung has also posted a couple of teaser videos on YouTube, but they don't reveal any additional clues. Our friends at CNET UK will be at IFA reporting on all the action, so be sure to come back on September 1 for full coverage.