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Samsung's HomeSync now works with non-Samsung devices

Formerly compatible only with Samsung devices, the media center controller now works with some Android devices from HTC, Sony, and LG.

Samsung's HomeSync media center.

Samsung announced Tuesday that it is extending compatibility of its HomeSync media center to more Android devices, including those made by other companies.

The $299 device, which launched in the US in October, lets people store, sync, and stream content from their mobile devices to their TVs while at home or on the go. HomeSync also provides 1TB of storage for up to eight separate accounts and gives each user the option to sync photo albums, video, and music and to upload and download mobile content.

While HomeSync initially worked only with Samsung mobile devices equipped with Samsung Link, the company's program for connecting and sharing content, Android smartphones made by other companies are now compatible with the system. According to its Google Play description, the app is now compatible with the HTC One and Butterfly; Sony's Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, and Xperia SP; and LG's Optimus G pro and Nexus 4.

HomeSync connects to a TV with an HDMI connection, allowing almost any TV to be a smart TV, Samsung said. It features support for wired or wireless mouse and keyboard, as well as access to Web browsing, YouTube, apps, games, and social networking. Users can access content on the box while on the go, and each account can include up to six devices.

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