Samsung's Galaxy S3 to get Premium Suite upgrade

New features include multiple window support and the ability to see the most frequently used apps in a single pane.

Don Reisinger
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Don Reisinger
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Samsung's Galaxy S3 is getting the company's Premium Suite upgrade pack.

Samsung launched a video today showing just some of the features coming to its flagship handset. The upgrade, which was previously announced for the Galaxy Note 10.1, adds a new featured called Page Buddy that predicts what the users want to do based on their actions. So, if the Galaxy S3 owner plugs in earphones, the software will load the music player.

A contextual menu feature is also available in the Premium Suite upgrade, allowing users to see their most frequently used apps, rather than an entire list. The Reader Mode lets users change text size and share Web pages, and a Facebook Lock Ticker addition displays a person's social news feed on the handset's lock screen. The upgrade will also support multiple windows.

Samsung's Galaxy S3 is widely considered one of the best Android-based smartphones on the market, and has sold exceptionally well. In the third quarter alone, Samsung shipped 18 million Galaxy S3 units, up from 5.4 million in the second quarter.

In its review of the Galaxy S3, CNET editors awarded the device four stars out of five for its "high-performing hardware and creative software features."

Samsung hasn't said when it'll start rolling out its upgrade. The company says that "availability and timing" of the update will "vary depending on country and mobile carrier." Samsung says that the updates outlined in its blog post are just part one, and it will deliver more news of updates soon.

Here's a video showcasing the upgrade: