Samsung's Galaxy AI Is Coming to the Galaxy S23, Foldables and Tablets Next Month

The Galaxy S24's standout new feature is coming to Samsung's previous-generation phone as well as its newest foldables and tablets.

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Lisa Eadicicco
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The Galaxy S24 Ultra showing the new Generative Edit feature

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, showing the new Generative Edit feature, which is part of Galaxy AI. 

Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

Samsung is bringing its suite of Galaxy AI features to the Galaxy S23 lineup, as well as the Galaxy S23 FEGalaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Tab S9 family starting in March. The move shows that Samsung is eager to make AI a bigger part of all its high-profile mobile products, not just its newest phones.

Galaxy AI is scheduled to arrive in a software update in late March as part of Samsung's goal to bring the features to more than 100 million Galaxy users this year, T.M. Roh, president and head of Samsung's mobile experience business, said in a press release. Samsung previously said Galaxy AI would come to the Galaxy S23 lineup, but it hadn't disclosed the timing until now. 

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Galaxy AI is an umbrella term that refers to a collection of new AI-powered features that debuted on the Galaxy S24 series in January. Some examples of Galaxy AI features include Generative Edit, which lets you move or manipulate objects in photos; Chat Assist, for rewriting texts in a different tone or translating them into other languages; Circle to Search, which lets you launch a Google search for any object on screen just by circling it; and Live Translate, a tool that translates phone calls in real time.

Samsung and other tech companies have been vocal about their plans to infuse smartphones with generative AI, or AI that can create content or responses when prompted based on training data. It's the same flavor of AI that powers ChatGPT, and device makers have been adamant about adding it to their own products.

Although AI has played an important role in smartphones for years, companies like Samsung and Google, which collaborated to develop Galaxy AI, only recently became focused on bringing generative AI to phones. For Samsung, Galaxy AI is the culmination of those efforts. 

Samsung's AI features are also likely coming to wearables next, as the company hinted Tuesday in a blog post authored by Roh.

"In the near future, select Galaxy wearables will use AI to enhance digital health and unlock a whole new era of expanded, intelligent health experiences," he said in the post.

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