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Samsung's foldable Galaxy phone hopefully won't look anything like its ugly prototype

Pictures of an alleged "Project Valley" folding smartphone prototype hit the internet.


This is an alleged Samsung folding phone prototype.


Alleged pictures of a 3-year-old foldable Samsung Galaxy phone prototype recently appeared online. And let's just say we're glad it stayed a prototype.

The pictures were posted on Twitter by MMDJ, who has posted photos of rumored Samsung devices in the past. He claims that the device is a canceled Samsung Project V prototype. Project V (aka Project Valley) was reportedly Samsung's attempt to create a dual-screen folding phone, according to SamMobile. The project dates back to 2015.

The device looks clunky and chunky and resembles two early 2010-era Samsung Galaxy phones glued together. It looks a lot like the ZTE Axon M, another thick foldable phone that uses two screens connected by a hinge.

Samsung has been working on its foldable phone concept for years, and it looks like we're close to an actual release (it may also be crazy expensive). But if and when the folding phone is unveiled, it's unlikely it'll look like this prototype.

More recent rumors claim that Samsung's folding phone may include a flexible screen that folds, not two rigid screens connected by a hinge like this monstrosity. There's also a chance that it'll use a design more like the Galaxy S9 or Note 8 with a big screen and thin bezels.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.