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Samsung YP-T9: Initial hands-on

Crave got to play with the latest Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player from Samsung, which looks remarkably like a phone -- has it found its true calling?

It may look like an unannounced Samsung phone, but this is actually one of the Korean behemoth's new MP3 players.

The YP-T9 is one of the few MP3 players available with Bluetooth, which means you can listen to your music wirelessly, providing you don't mind changing the batteries in your cans occasionally. It will also blast your tunes over the air to a set of Bluetooth speakers like Parrot's Bluetooth Sound System.

We've had a chance to play briefly with the 2GB version since we last wrote about it, and we're reasonably impressed. One feature it has over Apple's iPod nano is its ability to display videos of the MPEG 4 SVI variety, although you won't want to watch anything particularly lengthy, as at 46mm (1.8 inches), the screen is on the small side.

Browsing through the music is relatively straightforward, although (not surprisingly) it's not as simple as when using Apple's Click Wheel.

Supported audio formats include MP3 and WMA, and you'll be able to play files downloaded from subscription services such as Napster. It'll also work with Samsung's upcoming music store, which will feature tracks to buy or rent. It ties into Samsung's new music player software, which is eerily reminiscent of iTunes, although that's no bad thing.

The battery lasts a decent 30 hours, and the now-ubiquitous photo viewing feature that we never use is there, as you'd expect.

Our main problem with the T9 is its design. Even though it's ever-so-slightly thicker and heavier than the nano, you can't help feeling that it's just dropped out of a Christmas cracker.

Still, for £130 or thereabouts, it's solid choice. -JJ

Update: A full review of the Samsung YP-T9 is now live.