Samsung might not resume Galaxy Note 7 sales for over a month

Sales of the Samsung's recalled phone reportedly won't begin again till October 21.

David Priest Former editor
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David Priest
Juan Garzón / CNET

Sales of Samsung's recalled Galaxy Note 7 reportedly will not resume in the US for more than a month, although users expecting replacement units for the notorious phone will likely be receiving them sooner.

The expected date for sales to resume, according to VentureBeat, is October 21 -- the same day LG's V20 drops in the United States.

Samsung's phone was globally recalled due to a faulty battery soon after its August release. The recall was announced September 2, when reports of combusting phones began to surface. Samsung has not released any figures regarding the financial impact of the recall, but along with this major delay before sales resume, it's been a rough quarter for Samsung.

Samsung may begin selling the Note 7 in its home country of South Korea as early as next week. The rollout of sales -- now with new batteries -- will likely happen progressively across various countries.

Representatives at Samsung did not immediately respond to requests for comment.