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Is this the Galaxy S9's new fast wireless charger?

Samsung's website hosts a manual for a new charging pad.

Josh Miller/CNET

New Galaxy S9 phone, new accessories?

A brand-new fast wireless charger may join the ranks of goodies you'll be able to buy to work with the upcoming handset.

An online manual for a new wireless charger (model number EP-N5100) appeared on the Samsung website. Since the model number doesn't match any Samsung chargers that are currently available, the suggestion that it'll be a new release to go with the Galaxy S9 is fairly plausible.

A wireless charger upgrade also fits Samsung's pattern of selling new designs with its premium models.

Wireless charging is nothing new for Samsung's phones, but its competitors are finally catching on. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X were the first iPhones to feature wireless charging, and they weren't released until the end of 2017. But as more phones get the ability to charge wirelessly, the companies that make the chargers have more incentive to innovate. Thus wireless charging technology is on the verge of doubling its speeds in the coming years.


Here we see a phone docked into the charger. Is that a Galaxy S9?


The EP-N5100 fast wireless charger listed in the manual is pretty similar to Samsung's current wireless charger, except for a slimmer design, and the inclusion of two internal charging coils instead of three. 

The charger has a maximum of 9 volts at 2 amps, which theoretically gives it 18 watts of power. It's worth noting that the Galaxy Note 8 wireless charging technology maxes out at a rate of 15 watts, while the new iPhones can only hit 7.5 watts. It's unknown if the Galaxy S9 will be able to wirelessly charge faster, or even take advantage of a wattage boost.

The Galaxy S9 will be unveiled at Samsung's Unpacked event Feb 25. Perhaps we'll hear more about the new charger around that time.

Samsung declined to comment on this story.

[Via SamMobile]

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