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Samsung Windows Phone 8 smart phone coming this year?

Samsung's reportedly confirmed its plans to released a Windows Phone 8 device this year.

Samsung's cooking up a Windows Phone 8 mobile that will be launching in the second half of this year, according to rumours swirling around the Internet.

Unwired View reports word from Chinese site ePrice, which claims Samsung Taiwan is cooking up a smart phone that's going to be running on Windows Phone 8, the next version of Microsoft's mobile OS.

Windows 8 is expected to come out later this year, and share apps with Windows 8 for your PC. Although the consumer beta is live now, don't expect Samsung's smart phone offering to be ready any time soon. It's an interesting prospect nonetheless, as it hints that Samsung isn't ready to duck out of Windows Phone, even though it's heavily invested in Android with gear like the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note.

Samsung's first Windows Phone effort was the Omnia 7, a capable gadget that won four stars when we reviewed it in October of 2010. It won our hearts with a decent screen and slick design -- the same things we loved in the S2. Then we had the Omnia W, which you can see peeking out the corner of the image above.

Nokia is currently king when it comes to Windows Phone, spawning beauties like the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900. Currently if you're looking to give Microsoft's slick operating system a go, I'd recommend opting for one of those phones.

But there's no reason that Samsung couldn't get competitive in the world of Microsoft mobiles. Whichever manufacturer claims dominance, more phones will hopefully mean more customers, which should equate to more apps, making Windows Phone a tempting prospect when considered alongside juggernauts like iOS and Android.

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