Samsung will give you back cash for using Samsung Pay

When you buy exclusive offers from retailers like eBay, Etsy, Instacart, Walmart and Warby Parker, you instantly get cash back in your Samsung Pay account.

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Samsung Pay will now give you cash back for buying certain items. 

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You can now earn cash by using your Samsung Galaxy device to pay for items. 

Samsung on Thursday unveiled its new Cash Back program for Samsung Pay, which has started rolling out exclusively for users in the US. There is a new section on the mobile payment app's home screen that shows you exclusive offers from retailers. When you click on the offer you want and make the purchase, you get a percentage back in your Samsung Pay wallet. That money can be spent anywhere you use Samsung Pay. 

"The app is now a cash register, a marketplace and a piggybank," Nana Murugesan, vice president and general manager of services and new business at Samsung Electronics America, said in a blog post

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Initial retailers include eBay , Etsy, Instacart, Walmart and Warby Parker.

Samsung launched its mobile payments service three years ago. The idea is for users to pay for items by waving their smartphone near a store's checkout register instead of swiping a credit card. It's much like Apple Pay , which went live a year earlier. The hope for both Samsung and Apple is that the addition of yet another feature will further build customer loyalty at a time when competition for smartphone customers is fierce.

Since launching its service, Samsung has expanded it beyond simply letting consumers pay for items with their phones . It now lets people collect rewards at retailers and through Samsung itself. And its Bixby assistant has a feature that lets you take a picture of an item and then tells you what it is and where you can buy it.

Samsung said later this month, you'll be able to buy Samsung Rewards points, like how airlines let you buy extra miles.  

First published May 3 at 10:30 a.m. PT.
Update at 2:20 p.m. PT: Notes it's only in the US. 

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