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Samsung Wave leaks through billboard

Samsung just couldn't wait until the official start of MWC on Monday to launch the Samsung Wave, so it has leaked the handset with a massive billboard in Barcelona

Samsung says its Bada operating system will make dumb phones smarter, but it wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed that decided to spoil the announcement of the first phone to sport the OS, the Samsung Wave, by posting it on a giant billboard days before its official launch.

Dutch mobile phone site All About Phones clocked the billboard, which is letting it all hang out outside the Mobile World Congress venue in Barcelona, city of a thousand mobile phone journalists. MWC starts on Monday and most didn't expect to find out what Samsung had in store until its official announcement next week.

The billboard doesn't give much away about the Wave, except that it's a touchscreen phone that puts the focus on applications -- no surprise, based on Samsung's statement that Bada will make it easy for developers to build apps for feature phones such as the Samsung Jet.

We've got our eyes on the skies for upcoming Samsung announcements, which we hope will include a new Android phone with an amazing AMOLED screen, improving on the Samsung Galaxy, launched by a biplane skywriting over the Mediterranean. Stay tuned to Crave for all the good stuff from MWC.

Photo credit: All About Phones