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Samsung Wave brings the Bada

The Samsung Wave is Samsung's first phone to have its new Bada OS, and also sports a Super AMOLED touchscreen that promises to be brighter than ever

The Samsung Wave is the first phone to rock Samsung's new mobile operating system, Bada, which aims to make feature phones more app-friendly. We first heard the rumbles of the approaching tsunami after Samsung flaunted the Wave on a billboard outside Mobile World Congress on Friday.

The Wave's frothy crest is a 84mm (3.3-inch) touchscreen that Samsung is calling 'Super AMOLED' -- and Samsung knows what it's talking about. Its AMOLED already brings all the boys to the yard on phones such as the Samsung i8910 HD and the Samsung Galaxy.

Samsung says Super AMOLED is brighter, clearer and less reflective than boring old normal AMOLED, with anti-smudge technology that keeps our kebab-soaked fingers from sullying its beauty. We'll let you know if it's more than hype when we see the phone in person.

The Wave has a 1GHz processor and a refreshed version of the TouchWiz user interface, which includes an integrated inbox for email, text messages and social-networking updates.

The Wave washes over you with Wi-Fi that supports the latest 802.11n standard and Bluetooth 3.0. You'll also get access to the Samsung Apps application store to beef up the phone with plenty more fun and games.

There's also a 5-megapixel camera with an LED photo light and heaps of image-editing features. Your choice of 2GB or 8GB of on-board memory can be topped off with up to 32GB more in the microSD card slot.

Expect to catch the wave in April of this year.