Samsung wants you to appear in Note 7 advert after recall debacle

A casting call has gone out for owners of the troubled device to share their experiences in an advert.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the hottest products around (literally).

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Samsung wants you to help undo the damage done by the exploding Galaxy Note 7.

All Note 7 phablets were recalled just weeks after the device was released when it turned out the battery was prone to dangerously overheating. Now, to continue the process of rebuilding the Note's reputation, Samsung is recruiting people who have bought the device to appear in an advert.

Chicago-based casting agency O'Connor Casting has posted a call for current or former owners of the Note to "share their experiences with the Galaxy Note 7, the Note 7 recall and their overall experience with Samsung". If you're not in Chicago, you can submit a video application. The ad will be filmed in New York and those who are chosen to appear will be paid $600 or more.

If you bought a Note 7 and you haven't already exchanged it, you should get it replaced. For more information on the Note 7 and the details of the recall check out our detailed guide to the situation in countries around the world.

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