Samsung unveils projector phone and PMP

Tomorrow's World didn't see this one coming: it's a projector built in to a mobile phone, so you can watch all your content like you're at a drive-in cinema anywhere you go

Andrew Lim

If you hate using your mobile phone's tiny screen for anything other choosing an acquaintance to moan at, you'll be glad to know that some manufacturers are going to great lengths to help expand your mobile's display potential. Samsung, for example, has just announced two devices at CES that cram mini projectors into their tiny chassis.

According to SlashGear, who got some hands-on time with both devices, one is a PMP called the MBP200, which features a TV tuner and supports various video files including DivX and Xvid. The other is a touchscreen smart phone with the horrific moniker 'Anycall Show'. Both devices use the Texas Instruments compact projector technology that's been kicking around for a few years, but up till now required a separate input.

Mini projectors on a mobile phone might sound like a bizarre concept, but it could be handy. Whether you're browsing the Web, watching a YouTube video or simply sharing photos, the ability to display them at a much larger size means they're more enjoyable and can be shared with more people.

Neither device is likely to come out in the UK anytime soon, but mobile projectors are creeping more and more into mainstream consumer devices. Hopefully it won't be too long before you're kicking back on your sofa watching videos of Rory Reid abusing Super Mario on your living-room wall, just using your mobile phone.