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Samsung U.K. begins deploying Android 2.2 to Galaxy S

Froyo comes to Samsung's flagship series of Android phones in the United Kingdom. Will it be arriving in the United States anytime soon?

Samsung i-9000 Galaxy S

Samsung Mobile's U.K. Twitter account confirmed late last week that Android 2.2 is rolling out to the i-9000 Galaxy S handset. According to the tweet, the long-awaited Froyo update will hit "everyone" by the end of November.

Assuming that "everyone" includes only U.K. residents, we have to ask when other countries and carriers will see a similar update to their respective phones. The Galaxy S is available in more than 100 countries including the United States where it has been uniquely branded by the top carriers.

If leaked ROMs are any indication, the first two U.S. handsets to see Froyo will be the Epic 4G and the Vibrant. According to Android Central, prerelease ROMs for both devices will be online by Saturday.

The T-Mobile Vibrant version should be a more usable update, since the Sprint build is unstable and lacks phone radio support. I would anticipate that Samsung wants to roll Froyo out as evenly as possible in an effort maintain the image associated with the Galaxy S brand. Let's hope this happens sooner rather than later, as consumers are going to start asking about Gingerbread any day now.