Samsung trademarks hint that upcoming phones may be called Rize

It's reportedly applied to trademark the terms Rize10, Rize20 and Rize30.

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Samsung's trademark applications offer hints of its phone plans.

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Samsung has reportedly applied to trademark a trio of new phone names that hint at its 2019 plans.

The British and Mexican applications, as reported by LetsGoDigital, refer to the Rize10, Rize20 and Rize30.

However, they're just names and give no real indication of what the phones might be.

It's expected that Samsung will release three Galaxy S10 phones, and that its foldable phone -- rumored to be called the Galaxy X or Galaxy F -- will arrive in early 2019. The Rize phones could represent a new midrange series, 91Mobiles suggested.

We'll most likely learn more about Samsung's Rize plans at Mobile World Congress 2019, at the end of February.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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