Samsung snags almost half of Android traffic in U.S., Canada

The Korean handset maker holds 47.2 percent of all online Android traffic in North America, says advertising and Web analytics firm Chitika.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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Samsung's dominance in the Android world is borne out by a new report from Chitika.

Among all Android smartphone and tablet vendors in the U.S. and Canada, Samsung scored 47.2 percent of all online traffic seen by the advertising and Web analytics firm. The percentage is based on the number of ad impressions recorded by Chitika from June 17 to 23 of this year.

Samung's savvy at marketing new products may have led to its surge, according to Chitika. But 25 percent of the Web traffic actually came from older devices, such as the Galaxy Ace. Among all Samsung devices, the Galaxy S3 captured the biggest chunk at 32 percent.

The huge share held by Samsung left other Android players in the dust.

HTC scooped up second place with 9.7 percent of the Web traffic, followed by Motorola with 9.5 percent and Amazon with 8.8 percent. Amazon's Kindle Fire accounted for the second-highest level of North American traffic among Android tablets.

"Despite inroads by Amazon, HTC, and other competitors, the Android market is dominated by Samsung in terms of user activity on the Web," Chitika said in its report released on Tuesday. "Aside from the large marketing budget, Samsung also offers a very wide variety of smartphones in terms of size, functions, and price, which likely also contributes to its large share in the space.

Chitika's studies typically encompass around 300 million ad impressions in the U.S. and Canada and are measured by page views rather than unique visitors, according to the company. But that number can vary depending on the data being measured and the length of the study.

A study released last week by StatCounter found that Samsung smartphones outscored the iPhone in Web usage.