Samsung shops take on the Apple Store, with help from Carphone Warehouse

The S4, the Note and the Galaxy line-up will soon have their own Samsung stores thanks to Carphone Warehouse.

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Richard Trenholm
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Samsung is taking on the Apple Store with new own-brand shops. The S4, the Note and the rest of the Galaxy line-up will soon have their own shops across Europe, thanks to a partnership with Carphone Warehouse.

60 shops dedicated to selling just Samsung stuff will open across Europe. A Carphone Warehouse spokesperson told me that the details are yet to be finalised, but that there are likely to be around 20 stores in the UK, which will be a mix of new locations and existing branches with new signs slapped on.

They're expected to open in the next three months or so, presumably in a race to be in time for Samsung's biggest phone, the forthcoming S5, set to be revealed as soon as next month.  

The first three dedicated Samsung emporiums, run by Carphone Warehouse, opened last year in Spain. The other stores will follow in Britain, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Galaxy mobile phones and tablets will be sold alongside laptops and other Samsung hardware. The shops will also provide an opportunity for the world's biggest phone manufacturer to promote new technology like wearable devices, giving customers a chance to actually try for themselves things like the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch and rumoured Galaxy Glass smart spectacles.

Do you set much store in Samsung's plans for its own shops? Can Samsung establish its own unique retail identity in the same way the Apple Store has? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.