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Samsung reportedly working on Quick Share, an AirDrop-like sharing feature

The feature will allow videos, photos and other files to be shared between Galaxy phones, according to XDA Developers.

Samsung is reportedly developing a feature that will allow files to be shared between supported Galaxy phones.
Angela Lang/CNET

If you're an Android user who has long envied Apple's AirDop, which allows file sharing between iPhones, Samsung may have some good news for you. The Korean electronics giant is working on a similar feature called Quick Share that will allow files to be shared between Galaxy phones, according to XDA Developers.

The feature will allow users to share photos, videos and other files between supported Samsung devices, XDA Developers reported Thursday. The tech news site got its hands on the feature's APK but was unable to complete a transfer – probably because its device wasn't supported.

XDA Developers theorizes the feature will be supported by the Galaxy S20, the forthcoming Samsung flagship handset expected to unveil on Feb. 11 at its Unpacked event in San Francisco.

But unlike AirDrop, which Apple unveiled in 2015, Quick Share will include a cloud aspect, allowing files up to 1GB to be temporarily uploaded to the Samsung Cloud, XDA Developers reported. Files can then be streamed to Samsung Smart Things devices or downloaded to another device, according to the report.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

Correction, 7:50 p.m. PT: This story initially gave an incorrect name for the sharing feature. It is called Quick Share.

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