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Samsung Pay now available to American Express customers in UK

Got an Amex? Now you can use Samsung Pay contactless payments in UK shops.

American Express

Samsung now supports American Express customers on Samsung Pay in the UK. So if you have an Amex card, you can add it to your Galaxy S8 or new Note 8 and start making contactless payments at UK stores.

American Express is already supported by both Android Pay (Google's own contactless payment service) and Apple Pay on the iPhone

Once your card is registered on your Samsung device, you'll be able to tap the phone against compatible terminals in store. You'll also have to verify the transaction with your passcode, fingerprint or with an iris scan on the Note 8.

Amex payments will work with the Galaxy S8 series, Galaxy Note 8, S7 and S6 series as well as the A3, A5, A7 phones and Gear S3 smartwatch.