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Samsung Omnia HD becomes the Samsung i8910HD

Samsung's upcoming HD video phone has changed its name from the Omnia HD to the i8910HD -- maybe it's in witness protection to hide its potential awesomeness

Just ask Michael Knight: sometimes in a shadowy world where criminals operate above the law, you have to change your name to fight for the innocent.

Maybe that's why the hotly anticipated Samsung Omnia HD has decided to change its name to the Samsung i8910HD.

Orange is using the new i8910HD moniker on its Web site advertising that the phone is coming soon. Samsung is also rocking a i8910HD Web site, but the mobile certainly isn't running away from its past. The site links through to the existing Omnia HD info, and it doesn't look like Samsung has bothered to change the name anywhere else.

The phone itself is still sporting the same sweet specs: high-definition video, a huge 3.7-inch (94mm) AMOLED touchscreen, an 8-megapixel camera, and HSUPA and HSDPA for faster Web surfing. With treats like those in store, we think a phone by any other name will surely smell as sweet.

We're speculating that the name change may be to distance the phone from the first Omnia, which ran Windows Mobile 6.1. The i8910HD will use the Symbian operating system instead.

Samsung tells us that the name change will be officially announced any day now, along with an explanation for the switch. In the meantime, keep yourself entertained with our video hands-on, or this i8910HD magic trick video from the same people that brought you the fun Omnia unboxing video, and we'll make sure to keep you abreast of updates.