Samsung's Note 8 may look just like the Galaxy S8

An alleged video of the Note 8's display panel leaked and it looks just like the one on the S8.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen
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Samsung will release a Galaxy Note 8, that much is on the record. If you're wondering what the phone will look like, you might just need to take a look at the Galaxy S8.

Video of what claims to be a Note 8 display panel appeared online recently on Chinese social network Weibo (via Slashleaks). Since CNET cannot independently confirm that the display belongs to the Note 8, it's still best to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

The takeaways? The display panel in the video looks a whole lot like the display panel of the S8. It's hard to tell since the video doesn't give us much scale, but it looks like the alleged panel is a little bit wider and taller than the S8 with the edges slightly less rounded. Rumors say that the Note 8 could be 6.4-inches, which would make it slightly bigger than the Galaxy S8 Plus (6.2-inches).

The design similarities shouldn't be too surprising. When the Galaxy S8 released, Samsung focused a lot of attention on its new "Infinity Display," which is the shrunken-bezel look that separates it from previous the company's phones like the Galaxy S7. What this leak suggests is that the Note 8 could also adopt the Infinity Display design, and that Samsung might not limit it to be exclusive to the S8. After all, the Note line is Samsung's premium flagship line, and what says "premium smartphone" like a big beautiful display?

The Note 8 also has the task of repairing buyer's trust after its predecessor, the Note 7, was recalled twice due to faulty exploding batteries. After that debacle, Samsung needs to pack this new phone with features as it works to repair the damage to the product line.

The Note 8 will reportedly hit in August, approximately one year after the release of the Note 7. Stay tuned to CNET as we get closer to the phone's release, or check out our Note 8 rumor roundup here.

Samsung declined to comment on this story.