Samsung Note 8 ad makes Cowboys' Dez Bryant look very bad

Commentary: To coincide with the NFL season, Redskins cornerback Josh Norman shows how to use his Note 8 to devastating effect.

Chris Matyszczyk
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Oh, that's not friendly.

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's almost as nasty as it used to be between Apple fans and those of Samsung

Last season, NFL stars Josh Norman of the Washington Redskins and Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys showed that they're less bosom buddies and more chest-thumping enemies.

Their marginal distaste for each other has been going on for some time

Samsung, in its need to get everyone excited about its new Note 8, thought it would be a fine idea to capitalize on this tension. Especially given that this weekend offers the start of a new NFL season.

So here is a new Note 8 ad featuring Norman in a faux press conference. The Redskins cornerback politely insists he doesn't expect shenanigans between himself and Bryant this year.

Yet like a fine millennial, he's doodling on his Note 8 while reporters ask him questions. They're following his social media feed and insist he's posting the very things that he's simultaneously denying. 

What is this, you might ask? A run for president? 

The evidence, indeed, suggests that while Norman's responses are pure PR-driven anodyne drivel, his Note 8 emissions express only his contempt for Bryant.

Sample: He believes he's so much faster than Bryant that the the Cowboys receiver is "choking on my dust."

Actually, what does Bryant feel about this arrant mockery? Surely Samsung wouldn't allow for one star player to be so openly ridiculed. It would never sell another phone in Dallas.

Well, Bryant took to Twitter to reveal: "My @SamsungMobile commercial about Norman air on the 15th...can't wait...good job Norman.. I like mine better lol."

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for confirmation. 

I hope that if there is, indeed, a Bryant ad, he takes out his S-Pen, turns the other cheek and writes a poem about Norman's prowess as a cornerback.

That would be a little different for the NFL.

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