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Samsung Monte ups the ante

The Samsung Monte is a budget touchscreen that puts the spotlight on social networking with a bundle of widgets for Facebook, Twitter and more

The Samsung Monte is a touchscreen phone that hopes to tempt you with its sinuous curves, in the manner of an unemployed Sheffield steel worker, for a price that won't force to you pawn your trombone.

The Monte's touchscreen can be filled with social-networking widgets from Facebook, Twitter and Bebo, as well as your choice of instant messaging clients. The widgets let you chat straight from the home screen without having to open your Web browser or launch the relevant app from the menu.

GPS inside the Monte powers Google Maps and Google Latitude tells your inner circle where you at, while geo-tagging marks each photo you take with your location. Support for Microsoft Exchange email and Google Sync help keep you connected to email from work and play.

The Monte has Wi-Fi, a 3.2-megapixel camera and a 76mm (3-inch) screen. We're waiting for Samsung to tell us the price, but it promised that the Monte will be as affordable as a trip to see the amateur strippers. Stay tuned for news of the arrival date for the Monte in the shops.

Update: Here's a video hands-on: