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Samsung might cut price on Galaxy S5

The new phone could launch with a lower price tag than previously seen, an anonymous source tells Bloomberg.

The Galaxy S5 may sport a lower price tag that that of the S4.
The Galaxy S5 may sport a lower price tag that that of the S4.
Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S5 phone could try to compete on price as well as features.

Following "encouragement" from at least one wireless carrier, Samsung may sell the new S5 for less than previous S phones, a "person familiar with the matter" told Bloomberg. The goal would be to compete against not just Apple and HTC but also lesser-known rivals who price their products for budget-conscious consumers, according to the report on Tuesday.

No specific selling prices were suggested by Bloomberg's source. The 16GB Galaxy S4 currently retails for $200, though some vendor sales have cut the price by a hefty discount. AT&T currently offers the 16GB S4 for $100 with the usual two-year contract.

The S5 will also come with a 5.2-inch screen and improved sharpness over that of its predecessor, according to Bloomberg's source. The new device will also reportedly come with a fingerprint sensor to unlock the smartphone. Samsung is expected to unveil the phone on February 24 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.