Samsung may unveil the Gear S4 with the Galaxy Note 9 in August

It could be a busy month for Samsung.

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Gordon Gottsegen

The Samsung Gear S3 came out in 2016.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Galaxy Note 9 might not be the only Samsung product right around the corner.

Samsung will reportedly launch the Gear S4 smartwatch in August, according to Korean news outlet ETnews (via SamMobile). Since the Galaxy Note 9 is rumored to arrive Aug. 9, Samsung could well launch the two devices at the same time.

The Samsung Gear S4 would be the follow-up to the Gear S3, which Samsung unveiled in late 2016. The Gear S3 came with optional LTE support a year before the Apple Watch did, but few apps took advantage of the feature at the time of CNET's review. Two years later, the Gear S4 may be Samsung's best chance of standing up to the Apple Watch.

The Gear S4 will reportedly use a new panel level package (PLP) chip that could result in the Gear S4 being thinner or cheaper, according to SamMobile. Other rumors point to the Gear S4 having a bigger battery.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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