Samsung May Show Off Galaxy Z Flip 5 in First Seoul Unpacked

The electronics giant is expected to unveil next-gen foldables at its first home-country Galaxy Unpacked event next month.

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The Galaxy Z Flip 4 closed in someone's hand

The Galaxy Z Flip 4's cover screen is identical to that of the Z Flip 3. Could the Z Flip 5 go bigger?

Patrick Holland/CNET

Samsung plans to hold its next Galaxy Unpacked event in its home country for the first time next month, the Korean electronics giant announced late Tuesday. 

Samsung's 27th Unpacked launch event will take place in Seoul in late July, the company said in a statement that indicated it would unveil its next generation of foldable devices. This could include the expected Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Fold 5

In the past, Samsung has usually chosen to unveil its new lineup of devices in cities such as New York and Barcelona. The company is rumored to have plans for separate launch events in the US and Canada, but Samsung hasn't yet announced any additional Unpacked events. 

Foldable phones have garnered a lot of attention in recent years, though they've yet to hit the breakout moment when they graduate from being a novelty device. But they do appear to be picking up steam: In just the last few weeks, Google announced its first foldable phone, called the Pixel Fold, and Motorola unveiled the new Razr Plus and Razr.

"The foldable category embodies Samsung's philosophy of delivering breakthrough innovation that pushes boundaries to reshape the future of mobile experiences," TM Roh, the head of the mobile experience business at Samsung, said in a statement.

With the release last year of the Galaxy Z Flip 4, Samsung's current flagship foldable, the company took a step in the right direction in its quest to win over consumers' interest and wallets, CNET's Lisa Eadicicco wrote earlier this month.

She praised the device's fine-tuned design, improved nighttime photography and longer battery life. But she still has a wish list of improvement suggestions she thinks will make Samsung's foldable more attractive.

Eadicicco suggests the Galaxy Z Flip 5 needs a bigger cover screen and could add more functionality to Flex Mode, which taps into the phone's ability to bend and fold in different ways.

Samsung didn't announce a specific date for the event or tease specific products expected to be announced, but perhaps a new Galaxy Z Flip will be unveiled that taps these suggestions. You can expect CNET to be on hand for the event with all the details, commentary and expert insight.