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Samsung launching its own mobile OS

Samsung says it will launch its own open mobile platform called Bada in December.

Screenshot by Bonnie Cha/CNET

In an interesting move, Samsung announced on Tuesday that it will launch its own mobile operating system called Bada in December, giving developers an open platform to create new apps for Samsung's upcoming phones.

The name Bada, which means ocean in Korean, was chosen to represent the "limitless variety" of potential apps that could be created on the platform and its goal is to bring the smartphone experience to everyone. Samsung said Bada will offer a developer-friendly environment particularly in the area of Web services and promises a rich user interface. In addition, Bada will give mobile operators the opportunity to differentiate its phones with their various services.

While the SDK won't be released till December, Samsung has set up an official Bada Web site where you can find more information about the mobile platform as well as receive updates on product launches, features, and upcoming events.