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Samsung is trying everything else, why not a flip phone?

Samsung is making an Android Galaxy phone with a retro clamshell look, the throwback design that breaks so easily but apparently just won't die.

Screenshot by Joan E. Solsman/CNET

Coming soon: an Android OS handheld that resembles the phone you had before Google even existed.

Samsung is going retro with a new phone for the Galaxy family. According to a choppy language translation of the Korea-based Digital Daily, Samsung's new phone -- the "Galaxy folder" -- is set for an August release in Korea as a low-end model. It will run Google's Android operating system with LTE support. It's said to have a small touch screen, as well as a physical keypad.

Leaked photos show the clamshell design that harkens memories of taking four and a half minutes to punch out one line of text.

Why take the step backwards in time? Perhaps the design, with a smaller screen, is cheaper and could make for an inexpensive entry phone in emerging markets outside Korea too. Perhaps the Jitterbug senior handset is proving to be a secret runaway success that Samsung simply can't ignore. We'll know if we start seeing Samsung Folder ads next to those for Lipitor in Smithsonian Magazine.

Samsung has forged a different path design-wise than its top rival, Apple. Samsung has created multiple phones that appeal to niche markets, while its Cupertino competition designs phones that appeal to the broadest swath of consumers possible.

Next up?

Via GSMArena and Gotta Be Mobile.