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Samsung invite suggests Galaxy Note 10.1 for August 15

Samsung will unveil a tablet at its August 15 event in New York. We're betting on the stylus-slinging Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Our official invite for Samsung's August 15 unveiling. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Samsung has just confirmed one of my predictions for its now less-mysterious August 15 product launch in New York: the product in question is definitely a tablet.

CNET's invitation to the unveiling depicts an outline of a device with tablet dimensions in casual, artistic lines. That bolsters my belief that we'll be seeing a U.S. release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, a full-fledged tablet that will make use of a stylus to interact with productivity and creativity tools. (Hence the doodles on the invitation.)

I first saw the Galaxy Note 10.1 at Mobile World Congress last February, and was impressed with how well the stylus lends itself to business and personal expression on a larger screen.

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The stylus, which Samsung calls the S Pen, is pressure-sensitive and uses a button to control multiple functions. This version for the Galaxy Note 10.1 has its hard plastic "eraser" tip programmed to quickly erase mistakes.

Join CNET on August 15 for the big reveal. We'll be live in New York covering the event.