Samsung introduces 3 new headsets

Samsung announces three new headsets: the HM1610, the HM3600, and the Modus 6450.

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Samsung Modus 6450 with secondary earbud attached
Samsung Modus 6450 with secondary earbud attached Samsung

Samsung has announced three new Bluetooth headsets--the HM1610, the HM3600, and the Modus 6450--each of which offers slightly different functions.

The Modus 6450, for example, is the second device in the Modus family of Samsung's stereo headsets. It can be worn either in a mono-style headset or attached to a second earbud for a more stereo audio experience. Obviously the Modus 6450 supports A2DP stereo audio. This improves upon the previous model with the support of an Android app called Samsung FreeSync, voice alerts, and additional EQ settings. It even has a dedicated Voice Command button. The FreeSync app offers text-to-speech capabilities, caller ID services, and other features.

Samsung HM3600
Samsung HM3600 Samsung

A slightly lower-end option is the Samsung HM3600, which Samsung claims is designed with comfort in mind, with an on-ear design intended to minimize ear fatigue. It features voice prompts, dual-mic echo and noise cancellation, and more. The cheapest of the bunch, however, is the HM1610. It also offers noise reduction but only with a single mic. It also features A2DP streaming, wind noise reduction, and automatic volume adjustment.

Samsung HM1610
Samsung HM1610 Samsung

The Samsung Modus 6450, HM3600, and HM1610 are $99.99, $59.99, and $39.99 respectively, and are available today.