Samsung is maybe making more Galaxy S8 phones from the get go

It could ship 40 percent more Galaxy S8 phones than it did in the first batch of the S7, according to one report.

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Watch this: Samsung may expect a big demand for S8 right from the start

It looks like Samsung expects to sell far more Galaxy phones this year when the Galaxy S8 goes on sale in the coming weeks.

The South Korean device maker will increase its first batch of shipments by 40 percent, according to The Investor, citing local Korean news outlet The Bell.

The company has also increased its Galaxy S8 sales goal to 60 million units, which is heaps higher than the 48 million unit that the Galaxy S7 sold, The Investor wrote. Based off of the initial shipments, Samsung could sell as many as 55 million units this year.

Perhaps Samsung is trying to make up for the unfortunate Note 7 recall that caused it to take back roughly 3 million phones and dash its hopes of widening the gap between it and everyone else. Or maybe Samsung's banking on the Galaxy S8's hype driving up presales, so it'll need to have more phones ready when the sales begin. (The GS8 is to launch March 29, with mid-April availability).

The Samsung Galaxy S7 reportedly sold 48 million units, but that might not be enough for the S8...

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So just how many phones are we talking about? Well, the first batch of Galaxy S7 phones shipped with 12 million units, while the S8 is expected to ship with 16 million units. This breaks down to 10 million Galaxy S8 devices being ready to go at sale time, and 6 million for the larger Galaxy S8 Plus, according to The Bell.

It has also been recently reported that Apple is buying hundreds of millions of OLED Samsung displays for its upcoming iPhone 8. Samsung may be preparing for the high demand in curved screens by producing its own Galaxy S8 displays earlier on.

Until the phone's details are made official, stay tuned to CNET for all things Galaxy S8.