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Samsung i8910 HD/ 'Omnia HD' goes on sale, costs a fortune

Samsung's i8910 HD -- aka Omnia HD -- has gone on sale in the UK with Orange, but it could cost you a second mortgage.

Samsung's i8910 HD -- aka Omnia HD -- has gone on sale in the UK with Orange, but it could cost you a second mortgage.

That, folks, was a mild exaggeration. But even on a 24-month £29.36 per month contract, the phone will cost you -- wait for it -- £293.50, with 900 anytime minutes and unlimited texts. And that's on one of Orange's "top pay monthly plans".

You can of course build your own plan, but the lowest Orange will give you the handset for is £97.50, but that comes with a £39 per month contract. Or you could plump for a more affordable £19.57 per month plan with 200 or 400 minutes, but Samsung's high-def device will come with a bonus bill of £489 -- just £110 more gets you the unlocked, SIM-free version from Expansys, at £599. seems to have some more affordable deals, but even a £20 per month plan with 600 minutes and unlimited texts, will cost £149. The best deal we can see, however, is a £30 per month contact offering 900 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited landline calls, which gets you the phone for free. Be warned, though: you'll have to sign away two years of mobile life as part of the 24-month contract you'll enter into.

Oi, cost, explain thyself

When we got our hands on the i8910 HD back in February, we adored its incredible display and its slick design. And its 8-megapixel camera is undoubtedly one of its hottest selling points, along with shooting 720p HD footage (though we can't yet vouch for how good it looks when blown up onto a TV).

But would that pull us into a £30 per month, 24-month contract where the phone still costs £300? We think you know the answer to that, and it ain't yes -- it's a lovely phone, but at this price, with the iPhone free on £35 per month contracts, it's got no chance.

Check out our first look video below, or read our first impressions without the over-excited PR person talking over the top, here.