Samsung gives away free Galaxy S to iPhone 4 complainers

Who says whingers never prosper? Samsung is sending free Galaxy S phones to people who complain about their iPhone 4 on Twitter

Flora Graham
2 min read

@jammy1010 Hi James, we saw that you had problems with your iPhone 4. DM your contact details and we'll send you a free Galaxy S :) #GalaxySless than a minute ago via web

Sick of your iPhone 4 already? Then get on Twitter as fast as your fingers can type, because Samsung is giving away free Samsung Galaxy S smart phones to people who tweet their complaints about the Jesus phone.

Tweets from the Samsung UK twitter account indicate that complainers are getting the top of the line Android phone posted within a day of Samsung reading their complaints about the iPhone 4.

"We decided to contact a cross-section of individuals to offer them a free Samsung Galaxy S as a replacement, as we're confident that once people have the phone in their hands, they'll see how impressive it is for themselves," said Samsung in a statement.

It seems Samsung is taking advantage of the debate over the iPhone 4's signal problems, or antennagate, as we're not calling it, to raise the profile of its own smart-phone contender.

In our full review, we had some problems with the Galaxy S's flaky software, but we wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating biscuits. In fact, we loved the big 102mm (4-inch) Super AMOLED screen and the powerful Android operating system, so this isn't a phone that has to be free to be appreciated.

So get tweeting, and then let us know in the comments whether your tweams are fulfilled. 

Via Wired UK