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Samsung Genio Qwerty: Text-friendly phone for the yoof

Samsung only recently announced the touchscreen Genio, and now it's gone one better with the Genio Qwerty, which keeps the swappable cover and adds a keyboard

Hey, kids! If you loved the rad, youth-orientated Genio, but the thought of typing your usual 500 texts a day on a touchscreen made your face break out even more, the Genio Qwerty might have arrived just in time.

The Genio Qwerty is known as the CorbyTXT outside the UK, and we can see why -- although sharp creases, and possibly mantyhose, are in for spring 2010 (you heard it here first), any mental association with the Corby trouser press will definitely not attract the yoof market.

Instead of a touchscreen, the Genio Qwerty has a physical keyboard. To make room for it, the screen has shrunk from 71mm (2.8 inches) to 56mm (2.2 inches). Otherwise, the Genio Qwerty has much in common with its touchscreen sibling, including swappable, coloured back covers, a 2-megapixel camera, support for heaps of music formats, and an FM radio.

The Genio Qwerty will be on sale from early October, with the yellow version available first, from Orange.