Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly go on sale in February for $1,400

The company's next folding phone with hopefully see fewer problems than the original Galaxy Fold.

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Samsung might release its next folding phone in February. 

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Samsung has a new folding phone in the works, and it may come out very soon. The rumored Galaxy Z Flip will reportedly be available on Feb. 14 for $1,400, according to XDA Developers' Max Weinbach on Monday. 

Samsung has its Unpacked event set for Feb. 11, at which it's expected to officially debut its next flagship phone, the Galaxy S20, as well as a new foldable phone. The company typically takes a few weeks from a device's reveal before it goes on sale, but apparently isn't waiting as long this time around. 

If the rumor is accurate, the Galaxy Z Flip also has a lower price point than its foldable predecessor. The Galaxy Fold launched at $1,980 this past October, which was months after Samsung sent defective devices out to some reviewers and postponed the phone's initial launch. 

Previous reports on the Z Flip suggest it will fold vertically, like a clamshell or old-school flip phone, and use a glass screen rather than a plastic display like the Fold

According to Weinbach, the Z Flip might be exclusive to AT&T, although there will be an unlocked version, which would be similar to the arrangement at the Fold's launch. 

If Samsung does release a new foldable phone in February, it won't be alone. Motorola has its folding Razr phone set to come out on Feb. 6. Unlike the Z Flip, the Razr will fold horizontally, similar to the pre-smartphone version of the phone from the 2000s.  

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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